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Framing vision with fashion, functionally
buy reading glassesThe phrase "function over fashion” only works for so many types of accessories. Consumers want to find functional accessories while looking the part. With eye wear, it is even more important for the look to fit the part! Eye glasses not only provide clear vision for those with less than perfect eyesight, but accessorize the wearer's face. Finding the perfect pair of eye glasses is more than just achieving great eye sight. It is about finding a pair of glasses that complement the wearer's personality while accentuating facial features, not unlike wearing a pair of earrings or a hat. The difference is corrective eyewear is usually needed to be worn, not just to add a splash of colour to an otherwise dull outfit.
The first step is to have an eye exam performed by an experienced optician. Many optical retailers offer in-house optician to perform these exams which is very convenient and saves time for many customers. It is recommended by optical professionals that an eye exam should be performed once a year. Following the exam, the customer simply takes their prescription into the show room and the selection process can begin!
Avoid the Convenience of Online Shopping
Selection is of paramount importance and as such it is important to select a retailer that has an extensive selection of lenses that will functional and fashionable needs. In a digital time when on-line shopping is the most convenient method of purchasing personal items to save time, it is important to note that it is not recommended to go this route when purchasing prescription eye wear. There is much more to the process of fitting glasses than merely handing in a prescription and receiving the frames you like. Once a frame is selected, for both aesthetic and functional purposes, the optometrist will confirm the type of lenses needed for the prescription will be supported by the frame. For example, thin wired frames may not be able to hold a high prescription with a thicker lens without additional costs to lighten the weight of the lens. Thick-framed glasses may be the best route to go with in this instance. Not many on-line shops will be able to point this out, however an in-store sales representative with experience will be able to make this call and provide additional solutions for the customer's needs.
Look into Experience and Reputation Before Deciding
While price is important, it is advised not to let the advertised price of a pair of glasses drive the decision. Reputation and experience are of utmost importance as well. Most companies will have websites that offer extensive background information about the company and its success story. Usually there are testimonials offering consumers an idea of what to expect for their own shopping experience in the show room. Also it is important to note, and to ask when in the store, about promotional pricing. The cost of an individual's lenses may change the price considerably, so do make a point to ask the sales associate and optician if there are less expensive lens options to consider.
Convenience is the name of the game for a fast-paced society with many demands. Selecting a retailer that offers one-hour service and an in-house lab will also save the customer time. Once the frames have been selected, and the fitting process carried out, the frames will be fitted with prescription lenses in generally one hour. Within sixty minutes, the wearer will not only have improved vision to go about their day better, but will have an individual look all their own!